This bedi or that…

I said “Mandira Bedi” not “Kiran Bedi” you eeediots.
~ Shri. Amit Shah.



I’m offended.

I saw PK and I was really offended by the natural duck face of Anushka Sharma.. What was she thinking ???

Aamir Khan, you may have pissed off people, great job my friend. People who are offended by this were too busy ignoring the duck face..

Anushka. You were so pretty. Why you do this..


Religion, lost in translation

Religious leaders and their spiritual fanatics. Lost in translation.

This is in reference to you people. I don’t want to get down and say anything stupid about your religion. That’s actually a lost cause, but if I just say something about your religious leaders, I might piss some of the fanatics but I believe, the sane religious ones shouldn’t be offended.

The kind of stupid things they say,
1. “Hindus should have 4 kids”
2. Hinduism is the only true religion.
3. Muslims today were once Hindu, some day.
4. Allah wants your kids life. So send one to martyrdom.
5. Thou shalt have no other gods but me.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t even want to talk about religious extremism. I’m just questioning the people who really believe that their religion is the greatest and the other one is just evil.. Are you so naive ?? You really believe that there is only one true god ?? And some others, there are only crores of gods ??
Considering all this were true, I think if your god were truly peaceful, he’d definitely wouldn’t want your religious leaders to talk nonsense like that.

I might get some heat for this from the bhakts and jihadists, but your religious leaders think that you’re a moron. You’re just puppets and you’re not even a pawn in their game of chess.

Here is my suggestions for the parents. Teach your kids right things. Do not teach them that there’s only one type of God. Teach them to believe in God, and also teach them to have tolerance and most importantly, common sense rather than religious and meaningless cultural values. Hopefully our future generations won’t have such mindless tongues who influence you religious people.



Parents not willing to get you guys married? Don’t worry..

Are you guys in love?, Problems at home? No money ? Worry not, take your date outside on Feb 14th, make sure have some virat Hindu people around and our peaceful hindutva guys will get you guys married.

FYI, make sure that the guy/gal wants to get married. You hang out with some random person, they might get you people married. But, don’t worry, as such we Indians get married to strangers in most cases.

Happy Valentine’s week